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    Metal Filament


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  • Printing

    We print using a number of different materials. Printing custom metal and ceramic parts on any FDM 3D printer is now accessible.

  • Sintering

    Our Sintering processes create dense pure metal parts. Flat rate Sintering pricing makes it easy.

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  • Support

    We Provide direct support to our customers including the development of custom educational content for the printing and sintering of metal parts.

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Create Metal. You Print it. We Sinter it.

Sapphire 3D Technology gives you the ability to create pure metal parts on any FDM Printer. We supply filament in our store along with all the supplies you need to make metal.

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Materials We Sinter

We have in house capabilities to sinter Bronze, Copper, Inconel, 316L Stainless Steel, 17-4PH Stainless Steel and Ceramics. All performed on the Sapphire 3D Tech line of 3D Kilns.

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Certified Reseller of The Virtual Foundry.

We are a certified Reseller of The Virtual Foundry and their Filament. We work closely with them on the development of the printing and sintering process.

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Printed Metal. Accessible to Anyone.

Sapphire 3D Tech has focused on the development of 3D Printing and Sintering Processes Using Metal Filaments on any FDM 3D Printer. Create anything you want with the versatility and durability of metal.

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We are SAPPHIRE 3D Tech!

Printing & Sintering Metal 3D parts is now accessible on any FDM 3D Printer.

  • Print

    Printing parts has never been easier! Print your part and have it sintered to metal or ceramic!

  • Sinter

    Sinter your parts using our sintering service, or DIY with the SAPPHIRE 3D Kiln!

  • Post Process

    Post process your parts using our polishing techniques, or coat them with ceramic or Plating processes!

  • Unlimited Possibilities

    Metal 3D Printing on any FDM Printer unlocks the possibilities of applications in the 3D space.